3DPrintshow London 2013

3DPrintshow London 2013

HypeCask is back from an overwhelming, jaw-dropping and very exhausting 3D Printshow in London.

First and foremost, big thanks to Manu and Ludger for helping out with building and maintaining the booth and informing the crowd about the huge capabilities of our Delta Tower.

The 3DPrintshow team put together an amazing show, with 3D printed Fashion (including a Cat Walk), 3D printed Art Gallery, a Cinema with behind the scenes footage from the amazing work of Legacy FX (they do some outstanding 3D printed props for blockbusters like Pacific Rim, Real Steel and many more), a 3D printed hospital delivering printed prosthetics and much more, to name just a few of the shows features.

Opened by a keynote of MakerBot founder Bre Pattis the Printshow had a diverse conference program with nice workshops and seminars. Econolyst CEO Dr. Phil Reeves told us, that 3D printing will not be the next revolution, but part of the evolution and that it will take until 2025 until completely 3D printed washing machines will match the costs of traditional manufactured ones (right now it would cost more than 11000 $).

HypeCask was invited to give presentations as well: Stephan was talking about “Material Arts” and how to add value to prints by using a materials properties right. Flo gave an inspirational talk about his tricopter, showing that “Own Ideas Fly Better” utilising cleverly designed 3D printed custom parts. (Slides are available on request).

The Huge Dome of the Business Design Centre is pretty impressive and the atmosphere was great. Next to the big players, like MakerBot and Ultimaker, we saw some more great home 3D printers like the very designy (Apple anyone^^) Portuguese Beeverycreative or the Finnish MiniFactory, which is pretty much the only 3D printer manufacturer / start-up responsible for educating Finnish pupils in this new field of technology. Next to some 3D scanning was the very cool opensource project InMoov: A life-siz robot made of hobby electronics and 3D printed parts, which was controlled via voice commands and the Leap Motion controller. It was pretty amazing seeing the Robot immitating the hand movements of its creater.

Really inspiring was a small presentation of the Ethical Filament Foundation, which is something like fairtrade for coffee, but for filament… you should definitely have a look at it right now and spread the word about it!

If you missed the 3DPrintshow in London, dont worry: this week Florian will present the Delta Tower at the 3D Printshow in Paris. He will give a lecture as well.

And finally some nice impressions from the show:

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