FabCon 3.D is coming! And with it so much more…

FabCon 3.D is coming! And with it so much more…

FabCon 3.D is coming.

FabCon is something special, not only because it marked the point when we started our endeavour and set out to rule the world 😉

Now time is flying and one year later not only we do have to show quiet a bit this year at FabCon 3.D… We gonna release the new and all improved Delta Tower RTA, the massive Delta Tower XL, the Filafactory which produces spool after spool of quality filament in our office… but first, lets talk about the show itself… Florian could probably write another book solely about all the great things happening at FabCon, but I gonna try to cut it short and well pictured and trust in you, dear reader, to come and enjoy it yourself:

First, we do have three days, each one with a theme. On Thursday, May 15th is the best day for everyone interested in the business side of 3D printing. With one entry ticket you will be able to enter FabCon and Rapid.Tech. At Rapid.Tech you will see the big and expensive Rapid Prototyping machines used in industry and service providers and at FabCon you will see the home- and prosumer level machines. At Friday everything is focused on pupils and students and on Saturday you should bring your whole family and friends.

For everyone who wants to get into the topic or who wants to intensify his knowledge about it, we do have a pretty amazing schedule of talented speakers with relevant talks. If you have read Florians Book, you will notice that everyone highlighted in the book is either speaking or exhibiting or at least coming for the drinks!
The podium discussion is as relevant as never before: “3D-printing… what comes after the Hype?”. For full schedule click here, but to highlight just a few:

We also invited the Purmundus Challenge (http://www.purmundus.de/) to display their incredible pieces of materialized design.

On Thursday there will be seven Start-ups competing for the already legendary handcrafted Start-Up of the Year 2014 Award. The companies form the 3D Printing Sector pitching their best arguments to convince the Jury are: Avante Technology LLC, Cobot, Fabbulos GmbH, 3YOURMIND, Freeform4U GmbH, Protocow and twoBEars.

The last of them, twoBEars, invented a filament based on lignin and some bio-polymer (not PLA) and was so clever to supply us with a testcoil right from their laboratory. And the printing results were more than impressive. The look, feel and sound gives a completely new level to FDM made prototypes… We will display those pieces at our Booth (Nr. 800) at FabCon where you can see, feel and hear it yourself. You can also get the filament here.

There will be so many awesome people and companies displaying their latest products that you simply can´t miss FabCon 3.D…
We alone gonna show the Delta Tower RTA, which has two hot ends, two heat beds and a two centimeter plane-milled aluminum buildplate. Why RTA you are asking? Well, to cite our marketing guide:
“In close cooperation with the famous Italian company RTA, a leading motion control systems developer, we went one step further than the rest and developed the Delta Tower into a next-generation working horse. The use of professional grade stepper motors and drivers make the motion of the Delta Tower highly-precise, reliable and silent. The elegant design and the mesmerizing motion make it aesthetically very pleasing, attention guaranteed” You can sneak peak it here and find more information over at our Shop .

Whenever people see the Delta Tower and you tell them how massive the build volume already is, they ask one thing: “and can you make it even bigger?!” … and the answer finally is “yes!”… we proudly present you the Delta Tower XL, with its build volume of about 1m in height over a diameter of 560 cm it is capable of printing counterfeits of turbines, motorblocks, masks, pets, or even children! Have a look at the two sculptures by awesome artist Ola Sundberg (www.olasundberg.com):

Last but not least we are going to present you the first prototype of the FilaFactory, a full spectrum filament producing, spool winding mini factory with a footprint of only 110 x 50 x 110 cm (l x b x h) and a active carbon filter suited for your office. The precision in diameter you can achieve with PLA is already on par with leading filament manufacturers. And first testprints were pretty neat as you can see on the image below. At FabCon will be giving away samples of our first colorful batches of filament produced here in the last three days of continuos extrusion. Be fast and secure your coil!

See you at FabCon!

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