Meet us in Düsseldorf at the Metav 2014

Meet us in Düsseldorf at the Metav 2014

This week, from Monday 10 to Saturday 15 of May we are in Düsseldorf attending the trade fair Metav 2014.

We are exhibiting in the Rapid.Area, a part of the special show “Metal meets Medical” dedicated to the advantage of additive manufacturing in the medical sector.

We personally are going to show that the new generation of prosumer devices finally enables cost efficient production of parts which leave the toy and prototype character behind and give you a final, wear- and tearable product directly from your printer.

With the Delta Tower we will display an FDM printer which is able to print wearable prostheses for limbs. We were lucky enough to really watch someone who lost his left lower leg wearing a prostethis printed on the Delta Tower and walking with it! This was a very moving moment for us.

With the Asiga Freeform we gonna show a low cost, high precission DLP printer for medical implants – e.g. for the dental sector or with upcoming biocompatible materials even for hearing aids.

We strongly believe in the positive use of 3D printing to help people in their every day live.

If you wanna meet us, there is no better opportunity than next week! Join us at Hall 15 / E04 / Booth F11

We already gave a talk about applications of low cost FDM and SLA machines in the medical sector.
Find it here: HypeCask_Talk_Metav_2014.

Click here to get more official information at exhibitor section of the official Metav webiste Click here to read the exhibitor announcement at the official Metav website

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