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"You can´t change the world if nobody can afford your products... " Dr. Ray Ericsson, CTO Asiga

We as HypeCask are proud to cooperate with Asiga and introduce the Asiga Freeform Series to the German maket. With the Freeform Pico and the Freeform Pro we can offer you two high quality products suitable for all your professional needs when details matter.

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We have upgraded: Find a website in German language fully dedicated to Asiga here: www.3dxs.de

The quality this tiny piece of brilliant engineering delivers at an unbeaten price point truly is game changing!

Award Winner

The Asiga Pico is the winner of the MJSA’s “Looking Ahead Award” in 2012 for the best new technology


A New 3D Printing Technology

The fastest in its class, building 12 mm per hour at 25 µm slice resolution and 48 mm per hour at 100 µm slice resolution.

SAS™ Slide-And-Separate Technology

Asiga’s revolutionary SAS™ process achieves the lowest fabrication forces of any upside-down stereolithography system, resulting in minimal support structures and extraordinary accuracy.

Solid State UV LED

The Pico is the first 3D printer to use a solid state UV LED light source. The LED lifetime is up to 50,000 hours and is not a consumable, unlike other systems. The result is consistent performance from layer to layer, day after day, year after year. UV light allows broader materials choices, including water-clear and pure white materials.

Widest Material Capability

Sliding Separation technology permits the widest material processing capability of any 3D printer in its class. Wax polymers for investment casting, biocompatible polymers for audiology, and tough plastics for durable functional parts are just the beginning.
With the red SuperCast Material you are ready for high resolution prints especially developed for efficient casting applications: Find a case study of the investment casting process.
You have full control over settings to extend the capabilities even further.

[...] the Asiga booth held an eye-popping surprise—a desktop 3-D printing system priced at under $7,000. Making its foray into the jewelry industry, the company is led by a team of engineers who aim to offer a quality product at an affordable price [...] the implications for small shop owners could be, well, game changing. Tina Wojtkielo Snyder - MJSA Journal Editor in Chief


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