Talk @ everlab in Stuttgart

Talk @ everlab in Stuttgart

I’ve been invited to give a talk in front of publishers from the Stuttgart region yesterday. It’s always good to be in Stuttgart, but this event was quite special. The idea to bring people from the business world into a hackerspace is cool, but serving some of the best “Maultaschen” I’ve ever eaten, makes it even more enjoyable 🙂 The legendary Shackspace offered a great atmosphere to discuss new ideas and connect to the right people.

Thanks to Veit Haug and Christoph Ronge from Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH for inviting me. Keep up the great work!

My talk discusses 3D printing basics as well as some specific concepts (+ a quick rant) relevant for publishers. You can download the slides here:
HypeCask @ everlab Slides [German language]

Enjoy & see you at FabCon/RapidTech soon! – Florian

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